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don't cry

The Lonely Violinist
24 November 1912
Same blue skies that cheered me on a new day, there not so far behind. Same tall tree that shades us a short time leaves me longing. In my Heart gentle as a falling star where you are, glowing brightly. In my dreams quite as a photograph, knowing you would cry for me...

Little brother, don't do what I've done, the stupidest thing a boy could do is go and fall in love. now I don't advocate, sittin' alone.. drinkin' but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do... to keep yourself from thinking.

And I'm just so sick waisting my time.... Love and death are always on my mind.

Entends-tu le glas que je sonne ? Je t'aime toujours d'amour je sème l'amour Les saisons passent mais de grâce faisons semblant qu'elles nous ressemblent

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If you would sit oh so close to me, that would be nice like it's supposed to be If you don't I'll slit your throat, so won't you please be nice?
If you would hug your arms right around me, that would be snug like it's supposed to be. If we part I'll eat your heart so won't you please be nice?